Regular Size Parent Album - AvenueONE

Regular Size Scaled Down 'Parent' Album

When you order a full size storybook, these scaled down replica albums are available in the same high quality finish as the main album. Covers are available in leatherette or linen in a variety of colours. Laser name etching is also available. 

If you order a 10"x10", 12"x12" or 14"x14" main album, the parent album will be 8"x8".

If you order a 14"x10"  main album, the parent album will be 10"x7".

If you order a 16"x12"  main album, the parent album will be 12"x9".

Cost for this parent album in 8"x8", 10"x7" or 12"x9" is £150

Also, if you book the Indulgence Package, you receive 2 of these as part of the overall package.

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