Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photoshoot

A Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photoshoot is a fantastic way to prepare for the big day. This can be done either at the wedding venue or another convenient location. There are many advantages of doing this prior to the wedding. Mainly, it helps you get used to how I work and what direction I will be giving on the day. It also allows helps couples become more relaxed in front of the lens, learning how to position themselves and get the best from their photos. Also, couples can review the results and see what particular style of photos they prefer, so we can concentrate more on those choices for the wedding day. Another advantage is when you choose a package that includes a signing frame, this will give you the ideal image to use for the print. Finally, the shoot gives you another full selection of photos to enjoy!

The Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photoshoot is included in some Avenue ONE Wedding packages or as a £100 extra through the 'Build your Own' Package option.

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