This is where your story begins....

Capturing the bridal preparations in the hours leading up to the wedding is a great opportunity for fantastic photos. It's an emotional time and always has an exciting atmosphere as the people closest to the bride share the experience. If you choose this option, the photography not only includes the bride preparing, but also the bridesmaids and any other relatives/friends present. It's also an ideal time for key detail shots like the dress hanging up, the bride's shoes, flowers or maybe the bride's jewellery laid out. 

Many priceless moments take place at this stage too such as Mum helping with the veil or a bottle of champagne being shared with the bridesmaids. Then to finish off, when everyone is ready, it's an opportunity for portraits of the bride and bridesmaids. All this goes towards telling your wedding story so this option is strongly recommended and comes as standard with some Avenue ONE fixed price packages as well as a £100 option if using the 'Build your Own' package.

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